Smorgasbord Book Reviews #Children’s and #Parents – Lulubelle Loves to Bake by Dawn Doig.

Recently I posted about a special project being supported by children’s author Dawn Doig who lives in the Cameroon and supports a number of initiatives including this school for deaf children, that is badly in need of help to not just teach the students but keep them safe.

CAESEDA Centre d’Acceuil et d’Education Specialisee des Enfants Deficients Auditifs Nkolmebanga, Cameroon introduced by Dawn Doig

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The deaf children who currently live and go to school at CAESEDA Centre d’Acceuil et d’Education Specialisee des Enfants Deficients Auditifs Nkolmebanga, approximately 80 km outside Yaoundé, Cameroon are in need of a new school and living quarters (orphanage).

Dawn Doig donates the funds from the sale of her 15 hardback and paperback children’s books to this very worthy cause.

Here is the link to the Go Get Funding Page for more photographs:New School and Orphanage for Cameroon Deaf Children

This week I am reviewing the first of the books I have bought for the younger generation in the family  Lulubelle Loves to Bake.


About the book

Lulubelle loves sweet things – delicious cakes, mouth-watering pies, chewy cookies, tempting bars.

Lulubelle loves to share the sweet things she makes with her family and friends.
Parents, have fun baking all of Lulubelle’s recipes and while teaching the alphabet via rhyming words to your child.

My review for the book September 4th 2021

This is a great sized book for children A4 with big print and beautifully illustrated by the author.

Lulubelle definitely has a sweet tooth and all the recipes are favourite deserts and cookies that children will be immediately drawn to and offer an opportunity for some fun baking sessions in the kitchen with mum or dad.

Some of my personal favourites are Perfect Pumpkin Pie and Zucchini Muffins…although I wouldn’t say no to Kitchen Sink Cookies either.

Each recipe is accompanied by Lulubelle and her friends, suitably attired to complement the particular recipe, and a rhyme for a child to read and learn, featuring the letter of the alphabet featured.

A great idea for a cookbook and perhaps Lulubelle might follow it up with an A-Z of easy savoury dishes that will introduce them to other foods as well as the format is terrific.

Bright, colourful and full of rhymes and recipes adults and children alike will enjoy reading as they prepare and eat the treats. A recommended read.

Available in all formats read the reviews and buy: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK

About Dawn Doig

I am Canadian. Born in Victoria, B.C., Canada, I spent most of my childhood on Vancouver Island. I graduated from high school in Abbotsford, B.C., Canada in 1983 and went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Linguistics from the University of Victoria in 1988. In 1990, I completed a Master of Science degree in Human Communication Disorders majoring in audiology which led to a very rewarding career that spanned 23 years. During that time, I had the privilege to work with patients in different parts of Canada, Kuwait, England, and Saudi Arabia. While in Kuwait, I wrote my first children’s picture book And So, Ahmed Hears which was inspired by all of the hearing-impaired and deaf children I have had the immense pleasure to work with over the years. My last eight years as an audiologist were spent in Saudi Arabia where, in my role as head of the audiology unit, I was instrumental in helping to set up the communications department at a large rehabilitation hospital. This was and still is one of the highlights of my career in audiology.

​In 2015, I completed a Master of Education degree in Teaching English as a Second Language through The College of New Jersey. My husband, who is a teacher, had followed me around the globe for 23 years and now I follow him. My first teaching post was as an English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher at the International School of Ulaanbaatar (ISU) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. While in Mongolia, I wrote E El Gi Piddr which was inspired by the diverse population of students who were learning English as their second, third, fourth , or even fifth language. This past August, my husband and I relocated to Yaounde, Cameroon, where I am currently the English Language Learner (ELL) coordinator at the American School of Yaounde (ASOY). I have been blessed with yet another rewarding career. Instead of helping children to hear now, I am helping them to speak, read, and write another language. Communication in any form is such an important part of being human.

​I have been married for 33 years to my wonderful husband, Bruce. We have two grown children, a son Colin and daughter Marisa who both reside in Vancouver, Canada. We have opened our hearts and our homes to many furry friends over the years and currently share our home with Kydee and Patches, two female kitties we adopted in Mongolia. I love to bake to relieve stress and get immense pleasure out of sharing my baking with others. While living in Saudi Arabia, I self-published a baking book entitled Just Frickin’ Bake It. It is available for purchase on Magcloud. Over 1400 copies of the cookbook were left in Saudi Arabia and any sales are to be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research.

​Bruce and I love to travel and recent escapades have included hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, riding mountain bikes down Death Road in Bolivia, zip-lining through the rainforest in Thailand, whitewater rafting in Uganda, and trekking with chimpanzees in Uganda. In December 2018, I had a 40-year dream come true when we spent two hours with the mountain gorillas in Uganda. Seeing my books in the hands of children around the world is the next big dream I hope to see come true 🙂

A selection of other books by Dawn Doig which are available in several languages.

Read the reviews and Buy Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Follow Dawn: Goodreads – Website: Dawn Doig – Twitter: @Shoebears

Dawn donates the sales of the books to the orphanage.


Thank you for dropping in today and I hope that this might have given you some ideas of how you could make a difference to a child’s life somewhere in the world where books and the gift of reading is not as taken for granted as much as we do where we live.. Thanks Sally.



19 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Book Reviews #Children’s and #Parents – Lulubelle Loves to Bake by Dawn Doig.

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank so much,Sally! Lulubelle has been a favourite of some readers and they’ve told me it will make a great Christmas gift for the little people in their lives. I am hoping that if enough people ask for it in Chapters and Barnes & Nobles bookstores that they’ll actually display it on their shelves! An author can dream! I always appreciate your support and the reviews that help get my books discovered. If I knew the names of everyone buying books to support the deaf school I could share them with Sister Simone and the children. That would be amazing!!

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