Smorgasbord Podcast – Interview Size Matters (Especially when you weigh 330lbs) by Sally Cronin with Kelli Brett The Main Ingredient

I will be recording the next segment of Turning Back The Clock series in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime as I celebrate the 25th anniversary of my weight loss… here is the interview with Kelli Brett of The Main Ingredient from 2005.. I had already spoken to Kelli on air in 2004 when she was programme director of Ondo Cero International, but she kindly redid the interview for her own show.


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you have enjoyed the podcast. Next time maintaining a healthy hormone balance. As always your feedback is very welcome.. Sally.

Kelli Brett is Co Director, Publisher, Editor, Speaker and Food & Beverage Industry Specialist – Programme director Onda Cero International Radio Station, content director Australian Broadcasting Company and creator and presenter The Main Ingredient.

Kelli has just started a brand new video food news programme on YouTube.. you can catch the first episode where Kellie shares news of how organisations such as Michelin are managing as restaurants begin to open up again around the world, and how the top industry chefs are coming together to discuss aspects of food and service including plant based fine dining. Here is Kelli’s channel and it would be great if you would head over and subscribe. Kelli Brett – Food News

Yes, I landed the dream job!

I am now fully immersed in the world of food and drink as the editor and co-owner of Cuisine New Zealand’s iconic magazine, and I’m thrilled to be here. The food and drink genre offers tremendous opportunities to learn. History, technology, science, ethics, trends, fashion, sustainability, health & wellbeing. The list is endless. After all, everyone has to eat!

A varied skill set and career path has led me here including management at a senior level of brand and content development for print, broadcast and online/digital media. Editorial leadership, production management, community relationship development and hospitality management, however at my best I am a terrific storyteller with an eagle eye for identifying great talent and developing valuable opportunities and partnerships.

I am an award-winning broadcaster and winner of the world food media awards ‘Best Food & Wine Program’. You can listen in to my podcast ‘Cuisine Bites’ on Itunes and Podbean

Connect to Kelli

LinkedIn: Kelli Brett – Facebook: Kelli Brett Cuisine – Twitter:@kellibrett

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you have enjoyed the podcast.. as always your feedback is very welcome.. Sally.

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  1. A fantastic journey for you, Sally! Five years in for me since I decided to make lifestyle changes. It’s gotten a little easier though I am thoroughly dedicated to my exercise. No slacking off here.

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