Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Memoir – Flashes of Life: True Tales of the Extraordinary Ordinary by Pamela S. Wight

Delighted to share my review for Flashes of Life: True Tales of the Extraordinary Ordinary by Pamela S. Wight

About the collection.

Wow! Life goes by in a flash.

Philosophers and mystics ponder the mystery of these flashes. Pamela Wight writes about life flashes in her short stories that include family and friends, love and life’s challenges. Wight’s “Flash Memoir” promotes the belief that we all share sparks of the extraordinary that occur in our everyday life. Each short story is true and brings a smile of recognition to her readers: that life transports and enthralls us in all its confusing, amusing, challenging, and astonishing ways. Each story is light-hearted and short – like a flash – but be prepared for a page-turner that keeps you in your seat, smiling.

My review for the book October 5th 2021

How often do we hear the expression, or even use it ourselves, ‘I am just an ordinary person.’ In reality that expression could not be further from the truth.

This collection of flash stories is a delightful walk down memory lane with Pamela S. Wight, who shares moments from her childhood through to being a grandmother with humour and an appreciation of the small things that make up an extraordinary life.

Made extraordinary by finding an elusive middle initial,a dog who stood watch during a crisis, a small granddaughter who disrupts sleep delightfully, a fear of being in a steel cylinder in the air, a love of walking on beaches, a fiesty mother and a guy who makes a calming playlist for times of stress.

This is a reminder of family, empty nests, leaving homes and coming home, friendship, love of music, good food and the fears that might keep us awake at nights.

This collection of memories is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a life well lived, and I can recommend as a way to reconnect with the special moments in our own lives with a deeper appreciation.

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Also by Pamela S. Wight


Pamela S. Wight, buy: Amazon US – And : Amazon UK – follow Pamela : Goodreads – website:Rough Wighting – Twitter: @pamelawight

About Pamela S. Wight

Pamela Wight is a successful author of romantic suspense novels as well as two illustrated children’s book, BIRDS OF PARADISE and MOLLY FINDS HER PURR, enjoyed by readers ages 3 to 93.

Her first book, THE RIGHT WRONG MAN, got rave reviews for taking readers “on an exciting adventure with lots of intrigue, unexpected plot twists, and romance.” A year later, Wight published her second novel, TWIN DESIRES. “Lots of suspense, plot twists, romance, and excellent character development makes this a fun read!”

The gorgeously illustrated BIRDS OF PARADISE, finalist in the 2018 International Book Awards, has received many enthusiastic reviews: “This creative, compassionate story about birds will inspire children to notice the everyday adventures of backyard birds.”

Wight’s second picture book, MOLLY FINDS HER PURR, published Fall, 2019, follows Molly the Cat, who can’t find any friends. And almost worse, she can’t find her purr. After looking for friendship in all the wrong places, Molly learns that making friends is as easy as looking up in the trees and on the ground, where other lonely creatures are hiding in plain sight. Whether hard-shelled or soft as a bunny, everyone needs friendships that help them find their purr.

Pamela earned her Master’s in English from Drew University, continued with postgraduate work at UC Berkeley in publishing, and teaches creative writing classes in Boston and San Francisco.

She lives in the Boston area with her “right man” and hikes the New England trails while concocting her stories. Wight travels frequently to the San Francisco Bay area for additional inspiration. She speaks to book clubs, schools, and libraries in both locations.

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will be leaving with some books.. thanks Sally.


53 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Memoir – Flashes of Life: True Tales of the Extraordinary Ordinary by Pamela S. Wight

  1. Thank you, Sally for the marvelous and thoughtful review of my Flashes of Life. You explain so perfectly the core of my “memoir” – we each live ordinary lives that are so extremely extraordinary minute by minute. We just need to stop for a second and watch from the inside out. Or the outside in… 🙂 And yes, my hope is that readers of my Flashes will gain insight into their own extraordinary ordinary lives.
    That said, you are an extraordinary writer/blogger/supporter of us all Sally, Thank you.

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  2. I knew from following Pam’s blog and her skill at writing short stories that her book would be great. I hadn’t planned on reading it all in one sitting, but I just kept on going once I got started.

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