Smorgasbord Bookshelf – Summer Book Fair 2022 – First in Series – #Paranormal #Western Sandra Cox, #Sciencefiction #Mystery Richard Dee

Over the course of the next three months I will be sharing the authors who feature in the Smorgasbord Bookshelf with the books that I have reviewed and can personally recommend.

In this first part of the summer fair, I am sharing books that are the first in a series in both adult and children’s books along with one of their five star reviews. I hope that this will encourage you to enjoy the series in full. I will feature every author on the shelves by the end of the summer. I hope you will enjoy.

The first author today is Sandra Cox with the Mateo’s Law a western paranormal romance and book two has recently been released Mateo’s Blood Brother

About the book

A modern day, shapeshifting sheriff. He’s the sheriff of a sparsely populated county in Montana. His blood brother and childhood best friend is Chief of Police on the Blackfoot Reservation, but they no longer speak. His deputy is a southern transplant with the body of a high-priced call girl, a voice of honey and mouth of a trucker. And if that’s not enough, he’s got a secret that would stun those that know him best. Other than that, it’s business as usual for Sheriff Mateo Grey.

One of the many reviews for Mateo’s Law

D.L. Finn 5.0 out of 5 stars I hope more stories are coming with these characters!  Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2020

“Mateo’s Law” is an exciting paranormal, western romance that I read in two sittings. It is set in a small town in Montana, where Blair moved to join the force as a deputy. She is in a long-distance relationship but is attracted to the sheriff, Mateo. When something attacks a town resident, they investigate it together, but Blair is unaware of Mateo’s secret of being a shapeshifter. I love it when Mateo is in his alternative form, and I felt his freedom. The scenery is lush and the town a place I’d want to call home. Blair and Mateo have great chemistry, conversations, and working relationship. I was definitely rooting for Blair and Mateo and hope more stories are coming with these characters. If you love a paranormal page-turning romance, you won’t want to miss this!

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon USAmazon UK

A small selection of Sandra’s other books

Read the reviews and buy the books : Amazon UK –And: Amazon US- follow Sandra Cox: Goodreads – Blog: Sandra Cox Blogspot – Twitter:@Sandra_Cox

The next author today is Science Fiction and Fantasy author Richard Dee with the first in the Andorra Pett adventures. The Oort Cloud Cafe...I have read a number of books by Richard and can recommend you check out his extensive library of novels and short stories.

Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Café: Murder on the menu. by [Richard Dee]

About the book

Andorra Pett shouldn’t have been in space, solving crime. It was all Trevor’s fault.

When Andorra Pett catches Trevor and her best friend, Maisie, together, her first instinct is to get away.

She’s headed for a space station, mining the rocks in Saturn’s rings. That ought to be far enough for a new start.

In a career change, she’s running a café. Then she discovers the body of the previous owner, hidden in the freezer.
Apparently, he had a book, filled with gossip and secrets. Everyone wants a look at that.

As well as running the café and learning to live in space, Andorra needs to turn detective and find it, before anyone else does.

Or she might be the next one for a long, cold, sleep.

One of the many reviews for the book

Book Squirrel5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent sci-fi mystery! Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2020

Andorra and her best friend Cy are fabulous as the lead characters in this entertaining science fiction mystery story that takes place on a space station operating on the rings of Saturn.

Dee writes with a natural and relaxed style, infused with humour and observant insight into human behaviour and responses.

The story itself is well-crafted, immersing the reader in the station’s community and keeping them guessing with well-executed twists and clever diversions woven seamlessly into the plot.

The world building is original and complex, opening the reader’s imagination to the vast possibilities of life beyond our own world.

The cast of characters and their individual personalities, quirks and motivations remind the reader that people are the same wherever you go, which is why the premise and assumptions of the story work so well.

This is a most enjoyable read that will appeal to lovers of sci-fi and murder mysteries alike.

A small selection of other books by Richard Dee

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US And: Amazon UK Website: Richard Dee’s ScifiGoodreads: Richard Dee at Goodreads – Twitter: @RichardDockett1 Facebook:Richard Dee Author

About Richard Dee

A native of Brixham in Devon, Richard Dee’s family left Devon when he was in his teens and settled in Kent. Leaving school at 16 he briefly worked in a supermarket, then went to sea and travelled the world in the Merchant Navy, qualifying as a Master Mariner in 1986.

Coming ashore to be with his growing family, he used his sea-going knowledge in several jobs, including Marine Insurance Surveyor and Dockmaster at Tilbury, before becoming a Port Control Officer in Sheerness and then at the Thames Barrier in Woolwich. In 1994 he was head-hunted and offered a job as a Thames Estuary Pilot. In 1999 he transferred to the Thames River Pilots, where he regularly took vessels of all sizes through the Thames Barrier and upriver as far as H.M.S. Belfast and through Tower Bridge. In all, he piloted over 3,500 vessels in a 22-year career with the Port of London Authority.

Richard was offered part time working in 2010, which allowed him to return to live in Brixham, where he took up writing and blogging. During this time, he also set up and ran a successful Organic bakery, supplying local shops and cafés. The urge to write eventually overtook the urge to bake but Richard still makes bread for friends and family. Richard is married with three adult children and two grandchildren.

Check out the videos on Richard Dee’s Scifi where you’ll find free short stories, regular features on writing, book reviews and guest appearances from other great authors.


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will be leaving with some books…thanks Sallyl.

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  1. Mateo’s Law is definitely on my TBR list! Who could resist a shapeshifting sheriff? And Richard’s book is intriguing as well. Congrats to these to authors, and thank you for sharing, Sally!

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  2. Excellent reviews for two talented writers, Sally. Mateo’s Law was the first book I read of Sandra’s and I haven’t stopped reading her work since. Congrats to Richard too on a wonderful review for The Oort Cloud Cafe. Happy Reading.

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