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Delighted to share the news of the latest children’s book from Sue Wickstead, David’s Bathtime Adventure available in Ebook and in print from November 9th  perfect gift for the younger family members.

About the book

David loves his bath time!

As Mum fills the bath with water, David gets himself ready for a swimming adventure.

With toys and his fishing gear, he certainly enjoys splashing around in the water.

(And making a mess for Mum!)

Where will his imagination take him?

Learning through Play


Children love splashing and pouring, spraying and making waves.

It enhances their creativity and imagination and provides opportunities for some wonderful investigation and scientific learning.

Finding out what sinks, what floats, testing and idea.

Developing awareness of the physical world.

One of the early reviews for the book

Simon 5.0 out of 5 stars Great story  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 August 2022

My family have been fans of Sue’s books since we read the first jayjay book and this one is just as good.

It follows David, who we met in the last book about bin day, as he is getting ready for a bath.

As is usual with children getting ready he has to take lots of things in with him and keeps getting out of the bath to collect things, and has great fun splashing around.

Both my daughters loved it and thought it was great, and my wife liked it because the way David acted is exactlyike our two do in the bath, especially with getting more water on the floor than in the actual bath.

Yet another great book from Sue, which we highly recommend. 

Head over to buy the ebookAmazon UKAnd: Amazon US

A small selection of books by Sue Wickstead

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon UK – And: Amazon US – More reviews: Goodreads – Website/Blog: Sue Wickstead – Facebook: Stories Sue – Facebook: Teacher Page – Twitter: @JayJayBus – LinkedIn: Sue Wickstead

About Sue Wickstead

Sue Wickstead is a teacher and an author with Award winning books.
Shortlisted in the Wishing Shelf Book awards. and has written children’s picture books with a bus theme. In addition, she has also written a photographic history book about the real bus behind her story writing.

Her bus stories are about a playbus. Have you ever been on a Playbus?
When Sue’s two children were young, they attended a playgroup on a bus, but not an ordinary bus taking you on a journey, exciting though this is, but a Playbus stuffed full of toys to capture their imagination!

For over 20 years, alongside her teaching career, she worked with the charity, the Bewbush Playbus Association.

As part of the committee she painted the bus, worked in the groups, helped raise the profile of the project and its work and was part of the team involved in raising funds to replace the old bus with a newer vehicle. This led her to write a photographic history book about it.

‘It really was a fun journey to be involved in’, said Sue. The bus really got into her blood and became a work of the heart.

Having written the history book Sue soon found that many children had never been on a bus before, let alone a ‘Playbus’ and they wanted to know more. So, she decided to write a fictional tale, his number plate JJK261, gave him his name.

‘Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus,’ came out in print in 2014. It is the story behind the original project and is his journey from a scrap-yard to being changed into a playbus for children to play in. From Fact to fiction the bus journey continues.nbsp;


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to pre-order Sue’s new book… thanks Sally.

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  1. Sounds a wonderful book. Thanks for the information, Sally! Will also forward. I think women are the best authors when a book for children is about real life scenes and happenings. Men, especially as fathers, usually have a cruel flashback, in remembrance what all was tested out not to sink. 😉 hugsx Michael

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  2. What a fun book! I immediately thought of my little brother, who liked to play “high seas” in the bathtub, causing water to drip through the ceiling below and onto my mother’s kitchen radio. Not cool, George.

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  3. Lol, my comment went and posted on its own. I wanted to say I love the cover, and all the colorful covers on Sue’s books too. Congrats to Sue for the lovely review. ❤

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  4. I rarely take baths anymore—much more of a daily shower guy. It is humorous to think of a guy bringing his fishing equipment into the tub.

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