Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast #Poetry #Podcast – Mid-Winter, Snow, Ice Summits, Buried in the Snow by Sally Cronin

Today some more poetry and flash fiction from one of my collections.




winds blow
full of vice
from arctic lands.
Laughing they funnel
their energies to find
any cracks in your shelter.
Time to batten down your hatches
and to don your fleecy underwear,
protected against the beast of the north


Dormant beneath snow
nature nurtures vibrant growth
waiting for the spring.

Ice summits

Etched against the sky
jagged snow and ice summits
entice the daring.

Buried in the Snow

The elderly farmer and his dog stood at the base of the hillside and searched the snow covered slope for signs of the flock. His grandson, swaddled against the biting cold, reached out to tug on the old man’s sleeve.

‘Granddad, how are we going to find the sheep, they must all be buried under those drifts?’ The boy looked close to tears.

‘Just wait, lad, just wait.’ He patted the boys head.

Just then a dark shape moved amongst the white mounds and the farmer smiled.

‘That’s why you always have a black sheep in your flock boy.’

©Sally Cronin 2022

One of the recent reviews for my latest collection.

Dec 27, 2022 Darlene Foster rated it Five stars

The cover alone makes this a special book. A wonderful collection of poems and short stories that reflect the feelings and cares of the author. The poems skillfully depict her understanding of relationships, her care for the environment and her love of animals and nature. It’s as if the author is able to look into the souls of our animal friends. For anyone who thinks writing a short story is easy, I’m afraid you are mistaken as it is not easy to convey a message and get the reader to care about characters within a few words. Sally Cronin is a master of being able to do that. “Miss Lloyd’s Robin” is especially poignant and “The Secret” will bring a tear to your eye. I highly recommend reading this book and giving another copy to a friend.


Thank you for listening and if you would like to know more about my books and their reviews you can find them on my books page Sally’s Books and Reviews 2022


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  1. Loved your poems and hopeful story Sal. Yes, the fleece is on here for sure. And yes indeed, us blacksheep are always key, lol. New Year Hugs to you. ❤ xx

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