Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast – #Poetry #Flash Fiction – Halloween and The Witch’s Handbook by Sally Cronin

Over last few weeks I have shared some syllabic poetry and 99 word flash fiction from my collection Life’s Rich Tapestry…woven in words

Today – a poem and piece of flash in celebration of Halloween


Halloween – The Spell

the month when those,
living in shadows,
stir in unholy crypts.
plans are afoot for mischief.
the victims are those that breathe air,
can survive the bright glare of sunlight,
and are unaware of the doom to come.
but there is a spell to thwart the demons.
potent when spoken by a young child,
more so when they are in costume
with fangs and a devil’s tail.
so remember humans
on that special night
always respond
not with trick
but with

The witch’s handbook – Spell # 356 – Removal of inhibitions.
The Devilish Mojito

• Ten fresh picked Strawberries
• Juice half a lime
• Six crushed mint leaves
• Two ounces white rum
• Two ounces dark rum
• Pour over crushed ice
• Dash of club soda
• Sprig of mint to decorate.


1. One drink will increase desire to wear frivolous clothing.
2. Two drinks will increase desire to dance on tables.
3. Three drinks will increase desire to remove frivolous clothing.
4. Four drinks are not advised.

Disclaimer : The handbook accepts no liability for consequences resulting from over indulgence of this potion..

©Sally Cronin 2022

One of the reviews for Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words

Apr 26, 2020 John Maberry rated it Five Stars

The book lives up to its title–indeed, Sally Cronin has woven a rich tapestry of life in words of many kinds. A variety of poetry–in forms unfamiliar in name to me, microfiction and short stories. What’s more, the graphic imagery of the short poems is inspiring to a person like me who has never really found poetry either appealing or easily understood. This time, for a change, the words grabbed me. I found meaningful passages that could be useful as well in prose writing as in poetry. Examples I must return to in settings or other places where showing and not telling is essential.

The microfiction and short stories were equally compelling, all the more so for me who is focused on those forms of writing. So, perhaps I too should consider the combination of ingredients that Sally Cronin published in this book. She is a writer worth reading

Thank you for listening and if you would like to know more about my books and their reviews you can find them on my books page Sally’s Books and Reviews 2022


41 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast – #Poetry #Flash Fiction – Halloween and The Witch’s Handbook by Sally Cronin

  1. Happy Halloween to you too.
    I’m hoping for a little pumpkin to visit for a ‘trick or treat’ but I think the (‘J’ for Jelly) gummy bears will be a treat!
    I think the ‘Devilish Mojito’ sounds interesting but I definatley won’t try more than one!?
    Nanny has her broomstick, cape and hat ready – but I think my black cat might just run away and hide.

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  2. I love your poem and your reading of the poem, Sally. Extraordinary. I’ve never had a mojito, but it sounds intriguing. 🦇🎃🦇

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  3. Always a treat, Sally. We don’t get trick or treaters out here in the woods, but I still keep some treats on hand. And I think one Devilish Mojito would have me snoring in bed. Lol. Thanks for the fun.

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  4. I think when I start feeling like dancing on a table, I’d take that as a good sign to stop drinking. Love The Spell and the ingredients for The Devilish Mojito. Happy Halloween!

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  5. A far cry from a white sheet draped over our heads and two eye holes cut in it with a strip of red down the front sitting in our bedrooms with a torch under the sheet terrifying the younger kids, moaning and groaning. Apple bobbing and dunking and a toffee apple. Those were the days lol.

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