Smorgasbord Christmas Book Fair – New Book on the Shelves – #Fantasy #Thriller – When Evil Chooses You: Book Three in the Dreamer’s Alliance Series by Dan Antion

Just in time for Christmas Dan Antion has released the third book in The Dreamer’s Alliance – When Evil Chooses You.

About Evil Chooses You

Zach Amstead thought he had escaped the grasp of the FBI. Special Agent Grayson Dyer had a different idea. Grayson’s father committed suicide after losing an election to a relative newcomer—R. Madison Cutter—now Pennsylvania’s senior senator. Her success was due to the intervention and support of an organized crime boss—Enrico (Rock) DeLito. Grayson is maniacally driven to avenge his father’s death and he is using his power and authority within the FBI to work his deranged agenda.

Zach defeated the FBI in Dyer’s first attempt to punish the criminal behind a powerful Senator’s success, but he’s been dragged back into service. This time, Grayson Dyer is taking no chances. He has raised the stakes, and his earlier embarrassment has added to his fury. Dyer wants Rock’s son, Eugene DeLito, dead and R. Madison Cutter in jail. He needs Zach’s help, and he refuses to let Zach work against him again.

Zach needs the help of an unlikely coalition of family, criminals, and innocent bystanders, all of whom are put in jeopardy by a man with no conscience.

In this thrilling sequel to “The Evil You Choose,” Zach must risk everything to try to save his life, the lives of his family and his best friend.

One of the early reviews for the book

D.L. Finn 4.0 out of 5 stars An entertaining and unique series that offered an ending I found satisfying.  Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 15, 2022

“The Evil Chooses You” is a fun sequel where Zach quickly discovers the FBI isn’t through with him and his exceptional skills. Zach wants to enjoy his retirement, but someone from his not-too-recent past has other ideas. His ability to go into his dreams and travel is too hard for some to resist using. Agent Dyer has a personal vendetta against a senator, a mob boss, and a local cop. He will stop at nothing to take them down, using Zach and murder to get what he wants. I enjoy the relationship between Zach, his daughter, his brother, and his best friend, Billy. They are good support for him when he needs it. He must learn whom to trust outside this circle and, in an interesting twist, find a new ally. I kept thinking about the show and movie “Mission Impossible” as their plan unfolded. An entertaining and unique series that offered an ending I found satisfying. 

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon US –  And: Amazon UK

Also by Dan Antion

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About Dan Antion

Dan Antion was born outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up and attended college in the area around western Pennsylvania. Dan has written and published the popular No Facilities blog since 2011. A lifelong interest in writing became a reality after he retired from a successful 42-year-long career in information management.

Knuckleheads, published in June 2022, is the first book in the Dreamer’s Alliance Series. This story introduces the main characters in this series, in which the next two books will follow in late summer and early winter 2022.

Dan lives in Connecticut with his wife, a few pets and all the wildlife they can feed.


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  2. Thank you Sally for this review. Many know Dan as one of the most patient and unselfish managers of Thurs. Doors – a wonderful meme at wordpress, Most of us did not know he was also a writer … until now! A great Christmas to you:)

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