Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast #Poetry #Flash Fiction – Light Lingers and Poisoned Apples by Sally Cronin

Some more poetry and flash fiction from one of my collections.

Each day we gain a few precious minutes of daylight and nature welcomes it too… and biting into a poisoned apple carries consequences….

#Poetry #Flash Fiction – Light Lingers and Poisoned Apples by Sally Cronin 


Light Lingers

in our world
longer each day
to initiate
the sequence of rebirth
of all things under the earth
where dormant bulbs unfurl their shoots
pushing upwards into the crisp air
rotating buds to seek elusive sun.

Poisoned Apple

It is common in this modern world, to be offered promises that seem as wholesome as a bowl of shiny apples. However the red skinned fruit may hide toxic untruths and evil intent. Once it is swallowed, the poisoned apple will stick in your throat, causing you to spout the heinous words hidden within; spreading the evil like a virus. The only antidote to its venom; is to establish the truth, and wash the words down with random acts of kindness. We must all think carefully before embarking on a dangerously addictive diet of fake news and ill intentions.
©Sally Cronin 2023

One of the recent  reviews for my latest collection. 

Jacquie Biggar Bookbub

Sally Cronin brings her signature heartwarming style to a new collection of poetry and short stories exploring human emotion and nature in all its vagaries.

Many of the poems feature animals, their grace and beauty brought to life with a few well-chosen words, but my favorite is the dedication to her mother:

Face in the mirror

face in the mirror
a smile of recognition
but twinge of remorse
at the passing of the years
each line a story
or reminder of laughter
how closely they match
another’s facial mapping
I’ve morphed into my mother.

Cronin, Sally. Variety is the Spice of Life: A blend of poetry and prose (p. 20). Moyhill Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The short stories come with messages of love and support and familial bonds. The Green Hill is sweet with an ending that tugs on the heartstrings, while The Neighborhood Watch with a marmalade cat who exacts revenge on his injured friends left me with a satisfied grin 

This is a highly recommended collection of stories and poems to enrich your reading experience. 


Thank you for listening and if you would like to know more about my books and their reviews you can find them on my books page My books and reviews 2023


32 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast #Poetry #Flash Fiction – Light Lingers and Poisoned Apples by Sally Cronin

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  2. I always love your poetry and today’s one was beautifully evocative – then I read your Poisoned Apple and it gave me goosebumps. That line “establish the truth, and wash the words down with random acts of kindness” is incredibly powerful. xx

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