Smorgsbord Blog Magazine Podcast – Tales from the Irish Garden – A Place of Sanctuary by Sally Cronin

Last time. Queen Filigree had sent out the royal messenget pigeons to find a place of safety… three did not return and time is running out….is there anywhere in the world her court can move to in safety – here is the next story in Tales from the Irish Garden.

A Place of Sanctuary




I hope you have enjoyed the story and will join me again for another story from Tales from the Irish Garden

One of the recent reviews for the book

I adored this charming fairy tale for adults, which is also suitable for children. The fairy queen and her court needed to relocate and received an invitation from the Storyteller to live under a magnolia tree in his Irish garden. The imagery was beautiful throughout the book. I could easily imagine flying on a swan, exploring a castle under a tree, or running into lerpersians and goblins. The characters felt real, and I was worried about how they would adapt to the colder climate. It was a relief when they resolved that with beautiful new wardrobes. I loved not only how they made this place their new home, but the romance and new friendships mixed in, too. Many additional characters in the stories I treasured included a donkey, a fox, and mice. This is a world I’d love to find in my garden, and I highly recommend these magical tales

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