Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 11th – 17th April 2022 – Twitter fakes, Hits 1992, Ella Fitzgerald, #Caribbean, Vitamin C, Stories, Poetry, Reviews, Health and Funnies

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

It seems that winter is dragging on for many this week including places that hve been seeing some unseasonal cold weather and frosts such as South America, with some crops at risk at this critical stage in their growth. By this time I usually have my planters full of flowers but last week we had several severe frosts but hopeful it will be warmer this week. Apart from the colour in the garden.. the exercise would be welcome, especially after we shared a box of luxury chocolates for Easter instead of eggs… a little of what you fancy does you good!!.


On another note. This week someone decided to use my name and photograph and open an account on Twitter. One of my contacts alerted me to it early in the week as they had been approached but she saw it was a different twitter tag although it was my name and picture. Also there was no profile to indicate who and what this person was nor where there any tweets made.

I reported and blocked them. This is important as they are usually after your connections and all they have to do is click on Followers in a profile and then keep clicking the follow button without much limitation.

Many people follow back automatically when a notification appears in their timeline without heading over to check who it is they are following. This means that this fake person can end up with potentially thousands of followers who they can then target for one purpose or another. For example book promotion sites who claim to have 250,000 connections and ask for £50 a promotion!  Or it may be direct messages promoting their goods or even asking donations for a charity etc.

Anyway.. my twitter is @sgc58… and it is Sally Georgina Cronin

They are using  and it is a good idea to block them to stop them mining your followers and if you feel like reporting them then that is a good idea too.

I did report to twitter and told them they were impersonating me but they wanted me to upload my passport or driving licence to prove who I was. I am not doing that as most social media sites as as leaky as my kitchen colander.

It is best to check before following back anyone.. if they are genuine they will have at least some form of profile to indicate who and what they are and they have tweeted.

There is always something to be grateful for, including these three amazing contributors.

My thanks to William Price King for joining me on The Breakfast show this week and for the first part of the new series for Friday featuring Ella Fitzgerald.  – You can also find William – Blog– IMPROVISATION– William Price King on Tumblr

Debby Gies has been busy this week with her catch up posts following her two months away from her blog including some highlights from her trip to Puerto Vallarta in #Mexico… of particular interest to anyone going there for a vacation with regard to food, drink and restaurant service…

You will also find a packed Writer’s links post and her Sunday book review for Alex Craigie – Means to DeceiveD.G. Writes

Carol Taylor has had another interesting week on her blog and she has wrapped them all up in one terrific round up. Including Monday Musings, Chicken with Shitake Mushrooms and Tarragon, World Cuisine featuring the eclectic food to be found in Canada, Spring Cleaning the Spice Cupboard and her usual entertaining Saturday Snippets.

CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 10th -16th April 2022-Monday Musings, A-Z World Cuisine, Canada , Food Review “Spring Cleaning” and Saturday Snippets where “Squeak” is my prompt.

Thank you for all your support during the week and always lovely to receive your comments… have a lovely rest of the weekend.

On with the show…


Chart Hits 1992 Part Two – George Michael and Elton John, Boys II Men, Shakespears Sister , Bruce Springsteen

William Price King meets the Jazz Icons – Ella Fitzgerald – The Early Years

The Travel Column Rewind with D.G. Kaye – #Caribbean- Welcome to St. Martin – Two Countries – One Island

Cook from Scratch to prevent nutritional deficiencies with Sally Cronin and Carol Taylor – Vitamin C (ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid) oranges, grapefruit, cauliflower, eggplant

Just an Odd Job Girl – Serialisation – #Romance, #Humour – Chapter One- Reflections on the Past

TankaProse – Verse Envelope – Seasons – text and audio

Memories, Music and Movies – 1997 – Belgium, road trip, Dublin, Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, The Full Monty

Smorgasbord Podcast – Tales from the Irish Garden.. A Place of Sanctuary

Food Therapy Rewind- #Asparagus #VitaminK2 – Nutrient Packed and Delicious by Sally Cronin

#Biography #WWI, Queen Victoria, #Adventures, Lucky Jack by S. Bavey

Guest Post – I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by John W. Howell

New Book on the Shelves – #Western #Paranormal Mateo’s Blood Brother by Sandra Cox

#Fantasy #Adventure – The Ferryman and the Sea Witch by D.Wallace Peach

#Family, #Dementia, Why Grandma Doesn’t Know Me by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Personal Recommendations – #Family Allan Hudson, #Children’s Sue Wickstead, #Children’s Bette A. Stevens

The Senior Team pass the the funnies along – Pearls of Wisdom Part Two – Sunbathing and Scarecrows

Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Fish Bait and dating columns


Thank you very much for joining me today and I hope you will drop by again next week.. Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – 4th – 10th April 2022 – Hits 1992, Dionne Warwick, Legacy, Movie memories, Book Reviews, Health and Humour

Welcome to the round up of posts this week on Smorgasbord that you might have missed.

A varied week on the weather front here with bright sunshine one minute and heavy thunderstorms and hail the next. We are hoping that this week will see the last of the frosts and Easter weekend will be bright and sunny.

As always the news is as varied, and apart from anything else I am extremely grateful and privileged to live in a country with so many freedoms. Ireland has suffered in the past with independence coming at a very high price in terms of lives and following the devastating famine. But that was a century ago and today it is a thriving nation who has opened its doors to refugees without question.

I don’t understand how in this modern world of global communications, space travel and amazing medical advances, some individuals behave in such a medieval horrendous fashion. What is constant, is the bravery and determination of those subjected to tyranny, in standing up against it, on both sides of the conflict. Let’s hope this week there will be some more postive steps to a resolution.

News on the blog front and a new series begins next week

I am sure like me, there have been times when you have wondered what difference might have been made to your life, if your younger self had been gifted with the experience and knowledge you have accumulated over the years.

I invited several friends from the writing community to share their thoughts on this subject which I am sure you will enjoy as much as I did. The first guest post is by John Howell on Wednesday, and the rest of the series will be airing over the next few months.

Do you have a new book available or on pre-order in the next few weeks?

Please let me have the Amazon link and I will do the usual new book on the shelves promotion. If you have not seen one of the promotional posts for a new book before, here is a recent example which has received over 160 views since 4th April and multiple shares on Twitter.

New Book on the Shelves – #Romance – Between The Vines (Keystone Couples) by Staci Troilo

Please make sure your Amazon and Goodreads bios are up to date and if you have not been featured before on Smorgasbord, please add your blog/website, Twitter, Facebook in your email. Send to and I will let you know if I need anything else.

My thanks to William Price King for joining me on The Breakfast show this week and for the final part of the Dionne Warwick story. Next week a new series for Friday featuring Ella Fitzgerald.

Debby Gies is back from Mexico and shared her travel adventure (nightmare) that is flying back and forth from destinations with chaotic airport managment and conflicting restrictions.. However, she also shares some of the highlights of her two months in between flights that made the whole trip worth it in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I’m back from Puerto Vallarta…

This week marked a year since the sad loss of her husband ‘G’ and in a poignant post Debby shares a tribute to her soul mate… you can read that on her blog along with this week’s book review D.G. Writes

Debby is here on Monday with some Caribbean sunshine on St. Martin in The Travel Column.

Carol Taylor has had a busy week on her blog and you can enjoy all her posts in her weekly round up.  This Wednesday Carol will be joining me for our weekly look at nutrients with recipes for foods containing Vitamin C.

CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 3rd -9th April 2022-Monday Musings, A-Z World Cuisine, China , Food Review “Cabbage” and Saturday Snippets where “Bubble” is my prompt.

On with the show

The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 1992 Part One – Eric Clapton, Vanessa Williams, Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson, Billy Ray Cyrus

William Price King meets the Music Legends – Dionne Warwick – The 1980s Onwards

Celebration of a legacy – Sue Vincent and Mary Smith.

Tales from the Irish Garden – Messengers of Peace and Desperation

Memories, Music and Movies – 1995 – East Anglia, Mechanical Bulls, Annie Lennox and Madison County

1996 – Loss, Anthony Robbins, Belgium, Celine Dion, Brassed Off

Food Therapy Rewind – #Watermelon – A quick way to hydrate

#Psychological #Thriller – Where There’s Doubt by Terry Tyler

#Children’s – #New – #Playtime – David’s Bin Day by Sue Wickstead

#Romance – Between The Vines (Keystone Couples) by Staci Troilo

#Poetry – Hues Of Hope: Selected Poetry by Balroop Singh

Share an Extract from your latest book – #YA #BlendedFamilies – Hype by Yvette Calleiro

#Biography #WWI, Queen Victoria, #Adventures, Lucky Jack by S. Bavey

– Personal Recommendations – #Contemporary #Romance Linda Bradley, #Portugal Louise Ross, #Africa #Flyingboats Jemima Pett

#OnlineProtection Jacqui Murray, #Review Traci Kenworth, #Publishing Nicholas Rossis, #Flash John Howell, #Funnies The Story Reading Ape

Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Flying and Saddles

The Senior Team pass the the funnies along – Pearls of Wisdom Part One – Recruits and Stomachs


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